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Anti Moisture Granules

Revolutionizing Plastic Molding: Anti Moisture Granules (Drying Agent)


Anti Moisture Granules emerge as a cutting-edge solution, encapsulated in an advanced functional Masterbatch, to effectively combat moisture-related challenges in plastic molding processes. Designed with precision, these granules play a crucial role in maintaining optimal product quality and addressing issues like foam, gradation, cracks and dots during the molding process.


Moisture Absorption Expertise

The standout feature of Anti Moisture Granules lies in their exceptional moisture absorption capabilities. By swiftly addressing concerns related to foam, gradation, cracks and dots, these granules contribute to the overall enhancement of product quality.


Versatile Molding Applications

Anti Moisture Granules showcase versatility in their application, proving highly effective in various molding processes. From film blowing and plastic injection to plastic extrusion and salivation, these granules demonstrate consistent effectiveness across a spectrum of molding applications.


Productivity Boost

The incorporation of Anti Moisture Granules leads to a significant improvement in productivity. By maintaining product quality and yield, these granules contribute to streamlining manufacturing processes, ultimately resulting in increased efficiency.


Cost-Effective Solution

Beyond their technical prowess, Anti Moisture Granules play a pivotal role in cost reduction. By swiftly addressing moisture-related problems, these granules contribute to overall cost-effective operations, making them a valuable asset in the plastic manufacturing landscape.


Quality Assurance        

In our commitment to excellence, Tirupati Hydrocarbon assure the best quality Anti Moisture Granules in Bangalore through stringent quality control measures. International inspections and batch test reports ensure that our granules consistently meet high-quality standards.


Competitive Pricing

Our dedication to providing the best value extends to competitive pricing. At Tirupati Hydrocarbon, we understand the importance of cost-effectiveness and our pricing strategy reflects our commitment to offering top-quality Anti Moisture Granules at the best prices in the market.

Benefits of this product


Moisture Absorption, effectively addresses foam, gradation, cracks and dots by absorbing moisture during molding.

Versatile Use, widely applicable in recycling and molding processes for various plastic types like PP, PE, PVC and PS.

Enhanced Productivity, maintains product quality and yield, leading to improved overall productivity in plastic manufacturing.

Cost Efficiency, reduces costs associated with moisture-related issues, ensuring cost-effective operations.

Quality Assurance, addition of Anti Moisture Granules has no adverse effects on the physical-mechanical quality of the end product.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If the moisture content in the material exceeds 1%, it is advised to dry the material first to lower than 1% before incorporating Anti Moisture Granules for optimal results.

Yes, Anti Moisture Granules can be used preventively to maintain optimal product quality and address potential moisture-related issues.

Anti Moisture Granules exhibit effectiveness across various molding processes, including film blowing, plastic injection, plastic extrusion and salivation.

The recommended mixing ratio is influenced by the moisture level in the raw material and adjustments are made based on the product's moisture ratio.

Yes, Anti Moisture Granules can be effectively used for both recycled and virgin plastic materials.