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Rubber Process Oil

Rubber Process Oil (RPO): Enhancing Rubber Excellence


Rubber Process Oil (RPO) plays a crucial role in the rubber industry, where both natural and synthetic rubbers are used for an array of products, from everyday items like rubber bands to heavy-duty tires for various vehicles. Particularly integral in the tire manufacturing process, RPO influences the physical properties of rubber compounds and aids in reducing the overall cost of the finished products.


Production and Composition

Derived as an aromatic byproduct from the solvent extracting process, RPO undergoes careful manipulation to modify the physical properties of the rubber during processing. It is especially adept at reducing costs associated with the final product.


Applications in Rubber Compounds

RPO is an essential component in rubber compounds, enhancing the dispersion of fillers and improving flow characteristics during multiple processes. Tailored formulations, such as IPOL rubber process oil, are developed considering the type of rubber and the intended end-use applications.


Oil Composition for Rubber Compounds

An ideal RPO composition features a kinematic viscosity at 100 °C ranging from 32 to 50 CST, containing less than 3% polynuclear aromatic compounds. This composition makes it particularly suitable for aromatic rubbers, offering compatibility without compromising on toxic elements.


Types of Rubber Process Oil


1. Naphthenic Oil

Cycloparaffins with stable structures, providing color stability, solubility, and thermal stability. Ideal for molded articles, slippers, LPG tubes, floor tiles, etc.


2. Aromatic Oil

Different viscosity grades, including high, medium and low viscosity. Suitable for various rubber applications, such as tire manufacturing, lactic, hoses and technical molded goods.


3. Paraffinic Oils

Comprising branched or straight-linked hydrocarbon molecules, these oils vary in viscosity. Widely used in ethylene-propylene rubbers, known for stability and high flash points.


Primary Characteristics of Aromatic Hydrocarbons

The presence of a double-bonded combined ring carbon structure defines aromatic hydrocarbons. Selected refineries procure aromatic extracts, meticulously blended to meet stringent specifications, making them ideal for compounding batches in tire manufacturing and other rubber applications.


End-Use Applications

RPO finds application in a wide range of rubber products, including tires, automotive components, hoses, belting, battery casings, molded sheets, and more. Its versatility and compatibility with various rubber types make it a vital component in the rubber industry.


Quality Assurance

At Tirupathi Hydrocarbon, we meticulously craft Rubber Process Oil (RPO) that undergoes stringent quality checks, ensuring conformity to international standards. Our commitment to delivering the best quality Rubber Process Oil (RPO) in Bangalore significantly enhances the properties of rubber compounds, leading to the production of rubber products of exceptional quality.


Cost-Effective Solution

In addition to its functional benefits, RPO contributes to cost-effectiveness in rubber manufacturing. Its strategic use helps in optimizing costs without compromising on the quality of the end product.


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Benefits of this product


Quality Assurance, RPO undergoes rigorous quality checks to meet international standards.

Consistent Performance, ensures reliable and consistent performance in rubber compound enhancement.

Versatile Application, ideal for various rubber products, contributing to acceptable quality standards.

Trusted Source, crafted by Tirupathi Hydrocarbon, a trusted name in quality Rubber Process Oil.

Enhanced Properties, contributes to improved properties of rubber compounds for superior end products.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

RPO is available in aromatic, naphthenic and paraffinic types. The selection depends on the type of rubber and the intended end-product applications.

Tirupathi Hydrocarbon is committed to providing the best quality RPO at competitive prices, focusing on meeting customer needs and ensuring product excellence.

Tirupathi Hydrocarbon ensures the quality of its RPO through rigorous testing, adherence to international standards and a commitment to consistent performance.

RPO is extensively used in various rubber compounds, playing a crucial role in the automotive industry, construction, textiles, medical applications and more.

RPO is an aromatic byproduct derived from the solvent extraction process, specifically designed to modify the physical properties of rubber compounds and reduce the cost of the finished product.